Thursday, October 27, 2016

birth weight

Funny what bored post-PSLE kids get up to.

The kids have a health check in school which requires them to bring along their health booklet. In Day’s case, it’s a slightly grimy book in an indeterminate shade of green which would be familiar to every woman whose babies were born in Thomson Medical around the time.


The boys cluster around each other’s health booklets and compare: Birth weights.

“Everyone was amazed at how fat and big I was. I don’t think anyone else was heavier,” Day said.

He was born 3.7kg. His class boys, who are almost all visibly bigger and taller and fleshier, were all smaller at birth. But over the years, he progressively fell below the bar.

Well, to discover that you're the top scorer in birth weight 12 years on, why not? 

* My big little bub

* KK learning how to clean his nice big head a day or two after he was born

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