Monday, October 10, 2016


The boy likes thrills.

To celebrate the end of his exam, I thought I’d let him try out the Flying Fox. Flying from height and zipping down, I remember it being a thrill when I did it and I thought he'd appreciate the danger, only it isn't really dangerous at all.


We went to the one on Sentosa. Its way over-priced ($45 a go, $15 for subsequent attempts) and I would not recommend it to anyone except tourists. Even Day thinks it should be half the price or less.

* Getting harnessed

But it was OK, he thought it was somewhat fun and not the least bit scary, not even when he had to dangle stationary on the line with his legs hanging high over the forest at the start.


(what he really wants is to skydive)

Jo saw Day do it, and decided she wanted to have a go too. Lu is still too scared.

* Overpaying, alongside the tourists

Again, I’m heartened that she is learning to let go. For a moment, as Lu and I waited and waited down below playing tic-tac-toe in the sand, I thought Jo was taking so long because she had chickened out.

But no. She simply had to be tied in with Day because she was too light and they came zipping down like two dumplings on a line.


She had a far greater smile on her face than he did and said, “Now I can say I’ve gone on a zip line!”



The reason why we went on this over-priced zip line is because we were staying on Sentosa, for another staycation. What can I say? I just really enjoy being away from the house and once again, when my phone battery died and there was no charger, I whooped. One simply cannot be responsible when one is away from home with no phone charger.

We had a great time. Pics will suffice.

* Lunch at Vivocity's Dancing Crab before checking in

* Lu's favourite fish and chips 

* Vivocity

* Jumping on rain-wettened "trampolines" at Vivocity

* Because it rained most of the day, the late afternoon was almost chilly. Nice.

* Ice-creams on the beach on a cold day, Day with brain freeze

* A lovely coconut ice-cream at the Siloso Point cable car station, a short walk from our hotel. They only accepted cash, KK and I happily scraped together all our coins for a third ice-cream after a double while the kids apologized profusely to the cashier for the lame payment.

* Bonding! Plenty of bonding over word games! (Day's phone batt died too)

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