Thursday, October 06, 2016

lu’s cca

It is time for Lu to select her CCA, or co-curricular activity, or what old fogeys knew as ECAs back in the 80s and 90s. She doesn’t actually have to have a CCA, she could just do without one, but I think it’ll be fun for her to have one.

She had been mulling over it for a few months. The school recommended that she join the Chinese Orchestra, on the basis of her erhu playing, but she pooh-poohs the notion. For her, it was a toss-up between the Art Club and the Brownies.

Her school just organized a CCA fair, a biggish event where all the clubs put up a booth for the young ones to go around and choose.

Lu, who chose to go “shopping” on her own without any of her friends, wandered through the fair as various enterprising student “touts” yelled at her to join them. She honed straight in to the Art and Brownies booth. She found the Art folk very friendly indeed, and was captivated by the prospect of doing some 3D clay art, which she has been pestering me to buy clay for and do with her at home, a prospect which I am not that enthusiastic about.

* No clay in her precious art box which consists of acrylic paint, a toothbrush, a paintbrush, cotton buds and .... googly eyes?

* That's what the eyes are for!

The Brownies folk weren’t that friendly, I gather, and what she saw was a load of badges and a uniform, none of which appealed to her.

So it’s Art. Properly known as the Visual Arts CCA.

What strikes me is that she doesn’t give one jot whether she has friends in the CCA (she has none, actually), she is very decisive, and that she is still consistently on her arty path despite the fact that she scores rather poorly for art in school. Bs and such. 

Of late, as she watched her brother prepare for the exams, she asked about the PSLE aggregate required to get into SOTA. Her face fell when I mentioned the interview and art portfolio she has to produce.

* Lu's latest: Pencil-line drawings of animals with instruction from library books. I offer to send her to art class, but she says she'd rather learn alone, from Youtube and books, or from a private teacher...

Day was equally decisive about the CCA, but later regretted his decision. (From that experience, he has now pronounced that in Secondary school he will join a CCA which the school is really strong in)

Jo is now telling me she wants to switch to Brownies because her best friends are all thinking of making the switch to stay together, in class and in after-school activity, and she declared, "I want to have fun too, Mama". Which then makes me realize how proud I am that she is in the orchestra and how reluctant I am for her to leave it. I don't WANT for her to leave it.

Darn CCA choices.

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