Thursday, October 13, 2016

rise and rise of trampolines

Was it only three years ago that the kids could jump at the sole trampoline park in Singapore for $9 an hour (plus free bottle of water) on weekdays?

I just brought Day and his friends to what is purportedly the latest coolest trampoline park in town, Bounce. He went on a weekend so it was $24 per hour. No water. On a weekday, it would have cost $19 if he showed his student pass.


Its massive inflation.

What’s happened in just three short years is that one trampoline park has ballooned to at least six. People here absolutely love jumping.

Prices have gone up across the board, probably due to demand. There is no way anyone can jump for less than $10 now. I think the cheapest are Amped and Sky High where you can still do $12 an hour, on weekdays.

Features are all souped up. It’s no longer just plain trampoline jumping - which I enjoyed plenty – but there are obstacles so kids can parkour their way around, American Ninja-like obstacle courses, trampoline basketball, trampoline dodgeball.


And it seems highly competitive. We brought our black Amped grip socks (they have small rubber polka dots on the soles so you don’t slip on the trampolines) expecting to be able to use them at Bounce, but these weren’t allowed. We had to trade them in, and pay an extra dollar, for Bounce socks which look exactly the same except with different colours. So can I use Bounce socks at Amped?


Anyway the boys loved it. Of course.

* Junheng, Evan, Weiteng, Day, Saad, Russell, Ferhan, Xavier, Jordan

* Four lined up waiting for the five who are mired in a Clash Royale game

* The rather large eye of Day's best friend

The girls, who tag along, have plenty of fun too. I wouldn't have posted it on my own, but upon request from Jo I'm putting in all four of her videos. She really enjoys the blog. I told her, a little miffed, "I feel like you're my client now".

* Lu jumping into the Big Black Pillow

* Jo jumping into the Big Black Pillow

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