Sunday, November 06, 2016

card tower

One of Day’s friends remarked, “Goodness I wonder what kids in the past did to keep themselves entertained without a handphone. I’d be so bored without it.”

What was surprising to me wasn’t what the boy said, but that Day was surprised and even aghast.

The way he is now, I fully expected him to agree.

Most times, his head is deep in the phone as he fights his Clash Royale battles, or deep in the laptop as he fights his DOTA battles.

Perhaps he doesn’t see or want to acknowledge that he is very much a part of the 低头 (Chinese term for smartphone addict).

It’s true however that when his phone is removed or not with him, he still possesses the ability to entertain himself.

* Five levels

* Eight levels, with Jo

* Complete! KK threatened to put a dinosaur eraser on the top floor and once he did it all collapsed

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