Sunday, November 20, 2016

dream come true

(I know I’m blogging in dribs and drabs but that’s my style these days it seems. Every other post I think of, I have to think twice and if I have to think twice it doesn’t get written)

Not my dream. The family dream. It’s happening!

On 20 November, I think about six months after they first met, Choon popped the question.


Defying all (my) expectation, he does so in true style. He sends a limo to pick her up from the airport when she returns, it ferries her to one of the nicest hotels on Sentosa where he’s waiting, he whips out the ring and she says yes.

(I offered chauffeuring service but he had already ordered the $60 limo taxi)

Everything is rolling ahead very quickly because, as Por Por says, our family patriarch is almost 80. Time is not on our side. But I also like to think that when the time is right, two mature adults who find each other will not have many doubts (like my folks).

And Phoebe is perfect. Not just for Choon but our family.

What are the chances that Choon finds a nice, easy-going, steady girl who speaks our parents’ language and share similar values?

She joins the family for dinner all the time and when she does, everyone around the table is nattering away in Cantonese. Phoebe, whose Cantonese is far better than mine, also watches drama serials like Mum. They have plenty to talk about.

And we will all have plenty to talk about as we go about planning major family events in the months ahead. It’s going to be so thrilling!


Debra said...

That's wonderful to hear! Congrats to the happy couple!

Ling Dawn said...

It's so surreal..can't believe that Choon is finally getting married!! Ha

Anonymous said...

I am your regular blog reader and I want to say congratulations to your family!

Sher said...


ya i also cannot believe it. i'll see u at his wedding :)