Friday, November 04, 2016

fizzy drinks

Several strange drinks came our way the other day.

They made quite a lovely picture, all in my favourite warm shades, in heavy glass bottles.

* Sorry Day drank half before I could take the photo. Pink lychee, ginger, bandung, banana cinnamon

Even better, I know there’s nothing suspicious in there because they came from my friend.

What’s strange about these drinks are that they’re fizzy, because there’s good probiotic bacteria in there fermenting and releasing carbon dioxide.

Why my friend makes and sells them, together with another lady who works as an investment manager just like her, is because she’s discovered that once her daughter drank them, the bacteria which nestled in the pre-schooler’s gut soothed away her eczema.

My friend thought the kids could do a taste-test. And if they liked it, it could really help with Lu and Day’s eczema.

The girls are naturally suspicious and dislike chia seeds, so Day, the food adventurer and lover-of-all-drinks-except-water, got to them first.

In double-quick time, so quick I barely had time to take a photo, he sloshed down two bottles of the fizzy clear drinks with the chia seeds - pink lychee and ginger - which comprise something good for you called kombucha. His eyes widened: It's nice but it stings! (in a nice way because he downed the rest)

The other two bottles, bandung and banana cinnamon, were made from milk kefir and were thick and yoghurt-y. I think they’re almost like Greek yoghurt (very good for you but not very tasty) and for people not used to it, it can be pungent. We weren’t used to it, not even Day.



I, in particular, am averse to most fermented things, yoghurt in particular. It makes me retch. I couldn’t stomach any of the bottles.

But I’ve heard said that sometimes, the foods we turn away from are the foods that our body needs most. I don't think I have great digestion. Maybe I need some bacteria. Maybe I need kombucha.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sher,
Thanks for sharing this. Probiotic drinks are all the rage now. I've been drinking acv to resolve digestion/bloated issues but this looks more yummy.

- Celeste