Tuesday, November 08, 2016

japanese lunch

There is a restaurant at Liang Court which is one of our current weekend favourites.

The thing about restaurants and these kids of mine – probably kids in general - is that once we return, they stick to tried-and-tested favourites. It also works for me because I know that the portions will be just-right and I won’t have to struggle to eat anyone’s leftovers, or starve because the leftovers I expected to eat were unexpectedly wolfed down.

Typically, this is what happens when we hit this Jap joint.

Everyone is ravenous. Because we would not have had breakfast, as we would have had to wait for KK and Jo to wake up and get ready, which could be 11-ish or noon.

We enter the restaurant which is usually quite empty as it isn’t quite lunchtime yet. KK and Jo grab a menu but they only take a cursory look because everyone already knows what they want.

My boring old salad with raw fish cubes arrives. I’m the one who always eats clean, shunning protein for veggies or small side dishes. Usually Day would rip into my salad course, but I tell him nicely, “Mummy is really hungry today” and he holds off.

* BB with salad

The salmon belly arrives. KK is a great fan.

The beef steak arrives. The five of us (including me because I love a slice or two) grab our forks and start getting to our feet as the plate reaches the table. We fight over it. “I want this piece, you take this one, it’s got fat, this one’s mine, mine, MINE, I said it’s MINE!!! Stop touching with your dirty fork!” The waiter tries not to laugh. In 30 seconds the beef is gone leaving a little untouched pile of radish and dip.

* I whip out my camera and half the beef is gone

The beef is like a tiny little appetizer sitting in the pits of their unsatisfied stomachs.

Next comes plain udon for the girls, which they share. This is the tummy filler. It’s quite nice, simple, and divides nicely to keep each of them full.


Then KK and Day have their bowl of chicken collagen ramen or whatever it is, a tiny thick milky intense bowl of almost-creamy chicken soup which keeps each of them full.

KK looks around. “More beef?” The kids chorus, yes please!

Out comes another dainty slab of beef, the warfare starts.

At the end of the meal, one of the girls will pipe up timidly – What about peach?

Kids have long memories. They remember when they had something before and will hold you to it. On two or three occasions, we ordered a Japanese peach, which came sliced on a bed of ice larger than it was. I wasn't there but Jo messaged me the photo saying "Sooooooooo nice". It cost $10 per peach. No more peach.


I always leave this restaurant feeling a little peckish because salad and a few slices of beef don’t quite cover breakfast and lunch. But it’s OK, I’d still feel guilty adding to a bill which is already over a hundred. And I know, of course there are better places out there. But it's become a habit.

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