Wednesday, November 23, 2016

night before

Suddenly we realize the results release are upon us. Tomorrow. It's quite exciting!


Today is just another day. We’ve got a whole range of schools all lined up for the result and where it falls. Honestly we have no idea how he’ll do. It’s a mystery box as far as we’re concerned.

I know of kids who are worried, parents who are worried, who have not been able to sleep for a few nights. I think for them, there is a lot resting on the results. Parents may have spent a bomb on tuition and extra classes, everyone might have sacrificed sleep and better things to do in order to do well in the exam, the results are what the entire family might have worked really hard and gave things up for.

Good or bad, we don’t fall in that category. To put in a not-so-nice way, there was little investment on our part and so there is little expectation. Day himself is completely unfazed, regardless of what he gets. He says, it's too late to worry. 

As long as he gets into the Express stream, I think, is fine.

There’s a lot of funny fighting and squealing going on because Jo is trying to arm-twist Day into letting her see his results first. She expects him to get his results, obediently fold the paper in half and pass it to her so she can have first look. He’s laughing so hard at his unreasonable sister he can hardly bargain.

It’s going to be a party. Both girls want to follow me to school tomorrow.

KK says: Message me. If its good news I’ll come back and we can have lunch.


Anonymous said...

What is the definition of good news?
I'm in awe that your elder son is ever so cool and nonchalant....

Sher said...

good news: dunno man. 23-something?

kk says, tts bec he thinks his parents will always catch him if he falls.

or maybe he's just acting?

Anonymous said...

All the best, Sher! I'm glad that throughout the whole parenting journey, you've always remained so relaxed and loving still. That's really admirable.

- Celeste