Wednesday, November 02, 2016


As the years pass, there are many realities of life which I have come to accept, far off from the halcyon visions of my youth.

Perhaps I should write these all down one day, in one post titled “Shattered Dreams” or more accurately "Adjusted Realities". We have much to be thankful for, but its human nature to gripe.

I once hoped that exercise, nature appreciation and outdoor life would be a regular family feature.

But it has never quite become regular. It starts, it stops, it pops up, it fizzles out, and whenever it happens I quickly take photographs to document these rare outdoor episodes.

KK’s favourite Saturday activity is still to bring the kids to the Meidi-ya Supermarket at Liang Court to fill up a basket with jellies and junk after a Japanese lunch.

If I want to go outdoors, I go alone, with the kids. KK doesn’t want to suffer any more than necessary, sun and sweat have become increasingly bothersome as he segues into his mid-40s. It’s hard to believe he used to windsurf. And trying to go outdoors with the kids has become Herculean because they disagree. It really does take two hands to clap and for me to clap alone is tough.

Apart from the logistics of having to kit everyone out with waterbottles, hats, insect repellant (if necessary), carrying three skate scooters (or bicycles) downstairs, I have to cajole, beg and convince them to get sweaty.

They drag their feet and come along, to do me a favour, because they love Mummy and all that.

I managed to pull the girls to the Pasir Ris park the other day. Day was away with his friends. Their faces were long in the car, but I hope that once we got out, they could feel the uplifting of their spirits as they inhaled the sea air and skate-scooted in the dappled shade of the huge trees. At least, I did. I don’t know about them, although they looked chipper.




* Ice-cream truck

Or perhaps their high point of the day was when, after a good hour or two of playing, we stumbled onto a kayak rental outfit with a small air-conditioned cafe which had a Jenga set for use and truffle fries for $5 as well as free iced water. Maybe by making them go outdoors, I'm driving them indoors.



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