Monday, November 28, 2016

road safety park

Thankfully, it’s still around.

I have some stellar memories of my time at the Road Safety Park, going there for school excursions, driving around in a mini-car of sorts and learning how to observe road safety rules. It was so exciting being a driver, although now that I’m one I have learnt that reality sucks.

The park now is gray, nothing like the explosion of kids, colour, sunshine and thrill it once promised.

* Park layout

Its appears an ageing edifice, with overgrown tree roots, fallen leaves, the names of corporate sponsors and public bus numbers still featured on faded signs, and guerilla mosquitoes.


Online, the happy proclamation is that the road safety park is “now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!” with special games and perhaps facilities available for paid booking by school groups or institutions. Basically the gate is never closed.

We’re not there 24 hours but we hardly see anyone there.

Thing is, the kids love it.


It doesn’t take much, but the deserted park with the miniature “roads” (complete with arrows, road traffic markings and Stop signs) criss-crossing all over is more than enough for some spectacular play as the kids indulge in high-speed chases and whatnot. The thrill is in turning corners and evading the pursuer, who then has to find a short-cut or some other road to fire up the chase once more. (No, none of them are actually there to learn traffic rules)

* Day on blades pursuing Jo



Traffic lights don’t work, the mock Shell station is always shuttered and things are run-down but it’s a place where imagination is released. In fact there’s been more than one occasion when I felt the hairs stand on the back of my neck, as I skate-scooted in deserted corners and the amber ball lights suddenly blinked on and off…

* Day pounding his way over to arrest the girls at Shell station and 7-11

Anyway. It adds to the atmosphere.

The kids spend a long time there, laugh a lot, and emerge dripping with sweat.

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