Saturday, November 12, 2016


As a freelancer I’m always trying out new clients and new projects, because I get bored.

One thing about trying out the new, is that there are risks.

I take on each new project in good faith. I don’t ask too many questions and I venture in to see if the working relationship could blossom into an enduring one that could enrich me either financially, professionally or personally.

Sometimes things don’t work out. It’s one-off and I treat it as a lesson.

Worse is when a new client is not satisfied. It happens. Expectations, styles, working processes, ways of giving instructions, elasticity of timelines, it always differs.

This time, I get a prospect via Linkedin. I do the work, I submit the draft, and I get a stinging response. Sub-standard writing etc etc.

I should be inured to it, but it still hurts. It really does. I'm great at self-doubt and it doesn't take much for me to question if I'm good at what I'm doing.

The first response is to craft an equally stinging rebuttal – because I have my justifications too. Then I calm down and eventually segue into my standard response which is to ask – What can I learn from this client? What do they want and why? How are their demands different from all the clients I have written for before? And how can I make sure that the next time I have another client like that, they will never accuse me of sub-standard writing?

Then I say, thank you for your edits, I will do my best. And I do.

(then I keep my fingers crossed that they will pay!)


Anonymous said...

I am freelancing too and I could identify with you. I should take a page from you to be more positive.

Sher said...

i guess the more difficult the job the more u learn and the better u get... sticking to the same tried-and-tested doesnt really make u better. tho its certainly very comfortable.