Tuesday, December 27, 2016

bb in japan

BB needs a post on her own, and this will be the last Japan post. I think we’ve had quite enough.

She usually squeaks via Jo – apparently the only person who can translate BB squeak into English – but this time I’ll do it. Like one of those primary school compositions we used to do which go, “Imagine you are a…” (kids don’t get these sorts of compositions anymore though, I wonder why)

I think the girls will lap it up.


“Lulu loves me and brings me everywhere so she had to bring me to Japan.

When we were on the plane, I hid in her bag because I don’t have a passport.

Once we were in Japan, she took me out and put me in the hood of her jacket. That’s how I got to see Japan, from behind Lulu’s head.

I wasn’t lonely. She put baby BB in together with me and Jody would be in charge of making sure that we were both perfectly straight and facing upwards so we could see everything, at least in the sky.


Jody was also our security guard to make sure that we won’t drop out and that no one would pluck us away.

They took lots of photos of me.


I like Japan. Its where I came from. The rest of my clan is called Sumikko Gurashi.

Lulu found and picked me up when she came to Japan a few years ago. I was in a shoebox with some rice grains and biscuits. I have a sad birth story. My mother was about to give birth to me, she was so happy, holding my father's hand, when hunters suddenly appeared. My parents tried to run, but they shot my father. My mother gave birth quickly and held me in her arms. She was Japanese and could only speak a little bit of English, but she told me: You are special, because your father and mother are special.

She threw me into some bushes before the hunters shot her. 

I was still very tiny, the size of a twenty-cent coin, but I wandered around until some people found me and took care of me; but only for a while because it was too expensive to keep a BB. They then abandoned me in the shoebox.

Now that I've returned to Japan, I was very happy to see so many of my kith and kin. Some of them came back to Singapore with me.

What happened? We were walking in Takashimaya Times Square one day, up and down, up and down, Lulu was vainly searching for my family members and everyone was getting very tired when suddenly, she saw a whole shelf of them.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she squealed. She ran over, reached for the biggest one and squished her face into it. “Oh Mama! It’s my dream come true!”

Lulu’s Mama is quite the stingy poke, but she decided to be kind that day because it’s nice to make dreams come true. Big BB joined baby BB and I.

* Jody making the introductions



Everybody loved big BB even though Lulu later found out that its bobbly tail was loose. They slept on her, hugged her and threw her around. 



I was glad they had something else to throw around, because Lulu and her brother and sister are always doing that to me, even in Japan. It was like they had nothing else to play with. It made me nauseous sometimes and I got very dirty.

* See me?

* Yikes!

And then at the Narita Airport where we had to spend five hours doing nothing but window-shop because our flight had been delayed, David spotted another member of my clan at an airport shop.

* Apologies, free drinks and food from the airline

Lulu’s Mama decided to buy it because David is always snatching and stealing me away from Lulu – I hate that - and he once said that he desperately wanted a BB too.


His BB is a boy, and it’s not a guinea (pronounced gwee-nee) pig like me. David thought he was a duck but it turns out he’s a penguin."


Anonymous said...

This series is fantastic - a perfect combination of words and photos! Thank you so much for sharing!

Grace said...

Did you know that they sell changes of outfits for the tiny bear? Don't think they have it in BB and Big BB's size, though! :P

Sher said...

oh god forbid! best if no one knows there are OUTFITS!