Monday, December 12, 2016

evil weevil

I wage another war on weevils, this time they’ve laid siege on my rice, white and brown.

I discover that the sun’s rays really do drive out the weevils from the rice, as I spread out a layer (one rice grain thick preferably) and what appears a tremulous circular mass of rice, births line after line of weevils like rays from the rice sun.


After a while I forget about the many many things I have to do, and I focus on my quest for extermination, catching every single critter and dropping it into a cup. Yes they crawl out but one hard knock and they all fall back in. Then I dump the cup contents into the toilet bowl and flush.


By now Lu is an expert on weevils (#1 is busy on his laptop and #2 leaves after a cursory gasp) She knows one when she sees one. And she is so fascinated by what I’m doing she hoists up my camera and takes the rare picture of Mum in Action.

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ST said...

Hello! I had a major infestation that lasted many months. The evil weevils even invaded my bedrooms and toilets! Sometimes I even find them in my bags/tissue paper packs/wet wipes.
Long story short: I found the source of their food. It was a box of still unopened lasagna sheets!! It's just cardboard packaging (sealed only with glue type) that didn't come with plastic packaging. So weevils just kept feeding from it and were multiplying by the hundreds easily. Grrr...
After I got rid of that box of lasagna, the weevils were gone! :)