Tuesday, December 06, 2016


They sleep at midnight, KK and I far later, as my window of opportunity to work is cut short and he is suddenly swamped with multiple jobs.

They eat badly, mostly outside food, because they are underfoot all day long and I now realize I desperately need Alone-Time (usually when they are in school) to plan meals, do marketing and cook.

They are always on their devices if I don’t intervene, Day (games) more than the girls (America’s Got Talent is their latest obsession) who, perhaps as he rightly points out, “have each other but I have no one”.

I make few plans and every day they stare at me, I stare at them and all I want to do is go back to bed because I’m too zonked by the prospect of either having to bring them out so they stay off their gadgets or police their use of gadgets the entire day.

I’m so jaded.

But anyway we do, try to do SOMETHING.

* Discovering Chess. My poor tykes are so interested in chess but I so hate it I absolutely refuse to play with them. It's one of the few things in life I absolutely close myself off to. It simply bores me to death. Day teaches Jo and Lu and they all fumble around the chess board for a day or two.

* Jo brings the chess set to Lu, who is in the toilet, to play

* Make a Glow Home. Ice-cream sticks, Uhu glue, paper and a tealight. So pretty although Lu, who did all the drawings while I stuck the sticks, thinks it sucks because I didn't follow the exact instructions (I lost the link) and has thrown it at me in disgust. "You can have it, Mama" she says with an irate toss of her head.



* Colour cats. The cat illustrations were huge black-and-white print-outs for visitors to take home from that art exhibition.

* Two bigger ones by Lu (paints), centre patchy one by me (crayon). I love them on my ugly wall

* Visit the beach. A lot. To camp, to play ball, to skate-scoot (even when the car is with me so we all get some exercise), to hang out at the McDonald's playground.

* Lu with KK's newly-acquired Rugby Ball


* Visit some sights. Whatever is free, educational and under-shelter. My motto.


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