Wednesday, December 21, 2016

japan 3: queueing in the disneys

Disneyland and Disneysea.


When the tour guide suggested it, I gently countered that theme parks were not quite our family’s thing.

But she put it on the itinerary anyway. And I decided to go with it because an adult friend who loves Disneyland said it’s the happiest place on Earth and that we had to try it.

None of us have been to one. But I thought we should go at least once so we know.

Now we know. We weren't very happy. In descending order of happiness: Lu & Jo (who were OK), Day, me, KK.

* Buay song KK after queueing three hours for two thrill rides

After Tokyo Disneyland, we wanted out. But we were stuck for another day at a hotel which was next to the Disneys, and which was pretty far away from everything else. So we sucked it up and spent another day at Disneysea.

* Stuck in our room at the Hilton Tokyo Bay

* Disneysea, which I think is actually much more attractive than Disneyland



The queues, man, the horrendous queues. The hordes. The rampant shopping and offering of the same Disney products in every shop. The taking of photos with mascots (shudder). We didn't get breakfast with Disney characters but I'm really not sure if we would have liked it.

* Our one and only photo with a person in a suit


Upon my return, as my friend expressed amazement that we didn’t like the Disneys and told me stories – like how her daughter’s dream came true when Cinderella waved to her from atop a float – I wondered if our family is one that is so un-childlike and cynical, we are unable to appreciate the fairyland offerings of Disneyland in wide-eyed wonder.

Those throngs of women who perch Mickey and Minnie Mouse hairbands on their heads and queue up to take photos with mascots, the many people who tote around the popcorn containers in all sorts of shapes and sizes (Star Wars droid etc, I thought it was a waste of money and will only take up space back home), all those who emerge with bags and bags of shopping (I only bought earrings for Lu).

Why are we not excited by all of that?

(Actually, the girls did show little sparks of enthusiasm)

* Lu liked the little play houses, this being Minnie's house

* Girls on jellyfish going up and down

* One of Jo's favourite rides, It's a Small World After All, where you sit on a boat and ride through different "worlds"

* More of "It's a Small World After All"

* We caught the fireworks at Disneyland, at least, and the night parade

Instead, our happiest moments, while we were stuck at that hotel, were spent at Beck’s Coffee, a little café at the train station which sold crepes which we inhaled one after another for breakfast before reluctantly heading to Disney.


* Fed up because I asked him to pause for the shot and he couldn't sink his teeth into the huge cone of crepe, strawberry and whipped cream

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Anonymous said...

Oh ya, I found DisneySea boring too. Only the freefall in the castle was fun. The roller coaster rides were ended with "huh, that's it" moments...

Jo Tan