Thursday, December 15, 2016


It’s not our usual December Malaysian jaunt but we’re grateful we managed to go there at least once, and check all the boxes.

Namely, kids get to ski.

And KK gets to do all three things he’s only ever wanted to do in the only country he’s willing to fly for: Take the Shinkansen, dip in an onsen and go up the Tokyo Skytree. Japan is a very interesting place for an engineer.

(This is also our first family holiday he’s funded, and that’s a huge deal for me!)
(And also, with his money, I purchased a nice new pair of blue knee-high waterproof winter boots in Tokyo so for all those concerned, my toes remained nice and warm throughout)

When: 14-24 December
Who: Just the five of us
Outline: Tokyo, Gala Yuzawa (skiing), Disneyland

* Near Gala Yuzawa

* Boots

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