Thursday, December 08, 2016


It’s not a place the kids are keen on going to again.

But at least, they went, once, and so did I.

Kidzania, that pricey amusement park on Sentosa where children play working adults to work, earn fake money and then spend the fake money in the park.

* Every Kidzania around the world apparently has an aeroplane sticking out of its facade

It is a well-equipped facility with music and glass cubicles each offering a different job and crucially, the adults running each job and providing guidance to the kids seemed well-trained. Kind and knowledgeable.

For that, its $58 per kid, and it would have cost me $174 for the trio except for this little trick: Book for a large group through a travel agency and it costs less. Down to the late 40s per kid, I think.

A school mummy, bless her, organized a mass outing for nearly 10 mums so we could all get discounts.

The entire group of mums also spent nearly $30 paying for adult entry (normal price $35) to sit in the park for seven hours waiting for the kids to finish, munching on popcorn chicken and fries from KFC. It was agonizing. I ran around doing - what else? - taking pictures of my kids in cute uniforms. There was nothing else to do.

It was thankfully a Tuesday where the park was relatively empty. Meaning only a few popular jobs required queues of over an hour...

* Lu in the queue for an hour (the longest we experienced that day) to make ice-cream... She actually stuck it out because she really wanted to. But she threw away half the Paddle Pop she made because she said it wasn't very nice, to her great disappointment

Lu had the most fun. Maybe because she’s the youngest and still very enthusiastic about adult life. She says she might like to go again if someone goes with her.

* Window-washing. Lu, Kallie, Jo, Stephanie. The kids at this job alternate between two sets of windows in Kidzania, which are crystal clear from being cleaned a hundred times a day

* Bak kwa sellers Kallie, Lu, Jo

* 7-11

Jo was the most serious. She was determined to earn three university degrees (over three separate 20-minute sessions of instruction in finance, biotechnology and English) from the “tertiary institution”. For her, the jobs came second to the timing of the lecture sessions.

* Great product advertising. Actually the entire park is one great big advertising platform for multiple corporations seeking to snare young consumers



Day mostly played catch with his friend, wandering all over Kidzania and playing Who Spots Who First. He laughed at the fake money, spent it all at the stations which require spending (like making candy) and then came to me for real money to buy food from KFC.

* Day and Russell having a laugh

Why didn’t they want to go again?

Their lengthy diatribe as we walked our way back to the car, was that they were disappointed. 

The entrance price is ridiculous, it’s hardly real, the jobs aren’t real, the bak kwa in Lim Chee Guan is made of plastic, the food in 7-11 is fake, the park should allow real people to purchase things from a real 7-11 outlet in-store which the kids can check out etc etc.

* Plastic bak kwa

They're complaining like adults.


Anonymous said...

The last sentence made me LOL. So true! ( At least for me.) :p


Jo said...

You get the same thing in most major cities in Japan at $10 per kid.

Jo said...

Oh and entry for adults is FREE, as it should be, since we are basically doing nothing!

Sher said...

japan: really?! wa. flying there in 7 hours!

and yes why should the adults pay?

Karmeleon said...

that's why we went in Bangkok. :p Next time we go KL - maybe we should go, except it's not so convenient - being in PJ instead of KL. At least in Bangkok it's right in the heart of the city - conveniently in a mall.