Sunday, December 04, 2016

who’s reading?

I like the blog to have a small readership, the smaller the better. I don’t know who the readers are, but I also keep it public because on occasion, some people may find it enjoyable to read, or stumble on useful posts. Why not? 

Readership has gone down over the years, as the kids get bigger, less cute, I blog less frequently and blogs aren’t as big as they were before.

These days, page views hover around a comfortable 2-300 views per post, up to 600 for those with comments (I suppose people click to check out the comments). But generally, there are much fewer comments. I am happy.

Then suddenly, I noticed posts getting in excess of a thousand views. There was a sharp spike, starting from late September. The escalation isn’t consistent, its only for certain seemingly random posts, not those with comments or even photos.  Like this text-only post has 2,136 views and I think it’s still going up.

These views are also seemingly coming from France. (?!)

Is it some tech glitch? Because I don’t think the spike is due to people actually viewing the blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Singaporean living in France and I've been a reader of your blog for years and years now. But I don't think it's me driving your stats up!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Singaporean living in Singapore, and I've kept up for a long time too - one of my kids is the same age as Lu. What stands out for me, above all the parenting blogs, is your honesty.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Singaporean living in Singapore and am a loyal reader of your blog! I love the way you write - not just about your kids (even though ironically, I think it gets more interesting as they get older) but also about your perception and passions. Please keep it going!

Angelyn said...

I love your blog. I read a lot of blogs before but eventually now i read only the ones I like. I read your blog repeatedly at least 3 times especially the posts on your Aussie stay with the kids and husband.

Pearlyn said...

Me me me.

I like your blog because it is from that era when I started blogging, where people didn't neglect blog because of Facebook, Instagram etc etc.

And also because you don't do product reviews etc etc.


Anonymous said...

I'm that young doctor who left a comment some eons ago on a post (I think it's the one when Lu had a fracture), and I still pop by your page once in a while because I love your writings and your unique take on things, and your lifestyle and rants remind me of my own mum's (also a SAHM) especially when my brother and I were kids.

Sher said...

oh gosh! i din expect the comments! was just wondering over the sudden spike. i think the headline "who's reading" just sort of stuck..

thanks so much. really nice (and still a bit odd to me) to know that people (apart from the characters in this family story) enjoy this, er, 12-year effort!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog as I enjoy your relax perspectives and zen outlook in life. Particularly I enjoy your perspectives when you share about your freelance work and parenting. -min

Anonymous said...

Hi Sher
I am a singaporean living in china and I have been following your blog rather regularly as often as I can secure VPN and jump over wall to read blogspot in china. I really love your honesty and share similar perspectives on raising kids. Have been reading your blog since Day was born….
Please keep writing! It brings me such joy and keeps me at some real level connected to singapore back home…. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think i started reading your blog from before your brief stay in Sydney. And have kept coming back since then! I see you on days when you come into Esplanade for performances too. But am too shy to say hi. Haha!

Fides Heng said...

Hi, I am a reader from Singapore. have been reading your blog on almost daily basis for years since i have my first child 4 years ago. It is the blog that i will check out before i start work because you are the only person who i 'know' who works from home with children in Singapore and it is nice to know that i am not the only one struggling with the same set of issues.

Love your blog.

Karmeleon said...

You weren't really asking, were you? hahha