Thursday, January 19, 2017

bak kwa

KK set his alarm for 8am on a Saturday morning, hopped out of bed and drove down to a famous bak kwa outlet in Chinatown to queue.


The day before he had tried to queue but was told that the barbequed pork had all been sold out.

This year, he has no foreign workers at his disposal, so he has to do the queueing himself. He arrived before 9. Joining the end of the line, he couldn’t see the shop. He thinks some people queued overnight.

At 11:05am, he messaged: Still queueing. I think 1 more plus hour.

* Refreshments for the queue-weary

Two hours later at 1:11pm, he messaged: I’m not done yet but I can see the shop already.

* He can finally see the shop! And he sends me a picture to relay his happiness! Hurray!

At 2:30pm, he got his hands on four packs of 1kg bak kwa, 5 1/2 hours after he started.

He later found out he had chosen the one outlet which put no restriction on the number of packs a person can buy, and people in front of him were buying in the region of 50 packs and more. It wasn’t that the queue was very long, it was very slow.

So it's not that he can't queue, it all depends what's at the end of the queue. He said Disneyland was great practice.

Like his rising fear of flying on planes, this bak kwa thing is one of those quirks which have gotten more intense over the years: He must have this brand of bak kwa at CNY. Not at other times of the year, and not other brands.

OK lor. 

(I don't like bak kwa very much, half a slice and I'm done)

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