Wednesday, January 11, 2017


There was a whole field of bubble balls around Parkland Green the other day.

* What the balls were supposed to be used for, this is a random photo I pulled off the Net

Remarkably, they were free for trying.

They were part of a NParks programme to get people out and about, and there was plenty happening including an origami station, boxes of chalk for people to draw on the ground, hula hoops for kids to play with and free passionfruit tea from Starbucks.

Even better, there were very few people because ever since the opening of Marine Cove, Parkland Green has been a shadow of its former self. Boy, the crowds shift fast in Singapore. I think there were more people there from NParks than members of the public. 

So there was plenty of opportunity for the girls and I – Day had gone home by himself – to give the balls a try. You’re supposed to strap in, hoist it up and run around playing bubble soccer. Fortuitously, the soccer idea fell apart (because the girls would never take part in any sort of organised game) but the balls lay fallow, ripe for the picking by any kid who came along.


It is horribly hot and moist once you crawl in. I bounced off Jo, fell many times, and decided to crawl out after my shirt started sticking to my back and my old bones didn't feel quite right. Lu didn’t even manage to stand, I think she's a little short, and she decided she feared the seasick feeling of bouncing around once you lose your footing.

But Jo had the best time. Grass was in her hair (when she went upside down the grass stuck) and her face was red and slick with sweat, but she wanted to stay in there, turning upside down and going every way.

* Lu the ball pusher huffing and puffing her way across the field

* Jo and her front-and-back bubble somersault

She wants to go back on 11 February when the balls come out to play again.

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