Saturday, January 07, 2017

day teaching lu

I decided to take a break and tossed Lu’s Chinese ting xie to Day.

I asked, “Can you help me to help her?”

He, with a renewed sense of responsibility and zest imbued through exposure to inspiring seniors at his new school, enthusiastically took up the task and actually saw it through.

For more than half an hour, he sternly taught Lu and made her write the words many, many times, in batches (because when it comes to Chinese she has the memory of a sieve with very big holes).


Then for the testing process, he settled into the chair, crossed his legs and wielded the cane like he was an army general.

* Flicking the cane 


There was a lot of foot stomping, wailing and frowning from Lu, who thought she was being subject to a hellish dictator and there were plenty of arguments.

* What she hopes will happen to her instructor

* How she feels

There were also plenty of false starts as she failed to write the first word he uttered and he gave her chance after chance to “study” again.

* False start. Cannot write

* Brows furrowed anxiously

Through it all, Day stood his ground. From 5/13, he brought her up to 13/13.

In conclusion, he stated mightily: Tomorrow we must test her again before she goes for tuition. By the way, Mama, I’m never doing this again.


Karmeleon said...

Trinity Theory? :D

Sher said...

sharp eyes :)

Karmeleon said...

hehhe - yeah - just how the brain works. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Day wielding the cane. His expression! Thumbs up to Day and Lu! June