Friday, January 13, 2017

eye shields

Jo is the most sensitive member of the family. I am slowly starting to see how some of her character traits fall into a certain category, and this sensitivity is up there along with a thirst for perfectionism and not liking change.

Her sensitivity came to the fore during our trip to Japan, when many things which didn’t bother us, bothered her.

For instance, she found the static on the Delta Airlines plane seats unbearable. She could also hardly bring herself to eat the plane food – admittedly worse than SIA’s - although she feels that it was better on the return trip.

However, one of the most useful things we brought back from Japan was a Delta Airline’s eye mask.

Supplied in the pack for all passengers, she brought it home and has been using it, almost every night, because the slightest bit of light bothers her. It is a nice solution to the fact that she sleeps with her two siblings, who must have a bit of light or they’d feel insecure.

(She also can’t bear to sleep in air-con, the gentlest of fan drafts is what works for her, but her sibs love their air-con. That is an unsolved problem)

Along with that, we recently procured a pair of sunglasses for her because she’s always complaining that the sun is too glaring.


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