Tuesday, January 03, 2017

first day of school

Just like when I set aside his purple pre-school attire, the sadness sets in when I set aside Day’s primary school uniform.

His face is still velvety-smooth like the surface of a peach, his cheeks are still somewhat childishly round and he’s still shorter than I am, but he’s moved on.

He is completely on his own and I leave him to it, as he sets his own 6am alarm, waves goodbye and walks out of the house on his own to take a public bus to school. We’ve never tried the route, but after Japan it’s clear that he’s far better at navigation – mobile phone in hand - than either of his parents will ever be (we both lose our car in the parking lot).


At 7am, as I step out of the house to bring the girls to school, he Whatsapps: I’m there. He’s a full 40 minutes early.

His school, his first choice, is the affiliated secondary school. Well, its the pragmatic choice in that he can get in with his points. It is a co-ed school, well-resourced as it is funded by a clan association, and my one hope is that he will be surrounded with inspiring teachers and friends he can click with.

O level results notwithstanding, I pray he enjoys the next four years.

Jo starts her day with a great deal of trepidation, dismay and some tears, because the night before was imperfect. She spent far longer than she thought she would readying her school bag, slept later than she wanted to, and woke up in the middle of the night. She did not get the full night’s rest she was aiming for plus she has a little cough.

Lu coolly does what she has to and its pretty much just another day for her.

For the girls, they start the year with new friends, as classes have been moved around, and new teachers.

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