Tuesday, January 31, 2017

girls’ cny gear

The theme for the girls’ new clothes this year is scales or ruffles.

It just so happened, and I’m documenting because I am realizing these things are of interest to Jo and Lu when they read back the posts. Like, “I wore this in XXXX because I liked sequins, eeew!”

(I am getting a real sense now of what they want and would NOT want to read about in future)

KK, just like with his bak kwa bee-in-the-bonnet, insists that all the kids have new clothes. “At least two sets,” he said.

He comes back one day with something like three pairs of new pants, an equal number of new shirts and loads of new underwear. He and Day, in Vivocity, settles the boy’s stuff very quickly. Easy.

I buy my own a day or two before Chinese New Year proper. Easy also.

As for the girls, thankfully, Xueying gave them two lovely identical purple dresses over Christmas with a ruffled strawberry so gloriously red it pops out from far away. Red is auspicious. That would be outfit 1.


* With Liyen in their strawberry dresses

Outfit 2, I actually have to bring them shopping because KK won't have them wearing one of the (very nice) hand-me-downs which friends and family passed on. Shopping is onerous and tiring because they’re fussy. 

Finally, at Vivocity, I troop into Desigual where they are rooted to one spot flipping colour-changing sequins up and down. I buy the clothes even though they cost more than all of my clothes combined and require hand-washing. I just want to get it settled.


* Jo, sequin shirt, jeans, winter boots (bought for Japan) and my brown clutch thingy

* Lu, dress with sequin bag and winter boots

* Because the ruffles and sequin flips are fascinating, to me at least. They change colour with one sweep!

They also get alphabet necklaces.




Anonymous said...

Miss Goh and I love Desigual too! I don't bother to hand wash them actually. Just turn them inside out, put in a laundry bag and into the machine. So far no problem at all. And dry them inside out so the colour will not fade.

Hai Wei

Sher said...

hey!! i hvnt seen ms goh wearing anything from desigual.. think i've seen u in it! i'm just concerned with the sequins... scared the tumbling might affect the flipping.

Jess said...

The Desigual dress that Lu was wearing, it appeared royal blue to me in the photograph, but black in the video. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Sher said...

hahaha! i think its due to lighting and the quality of phone video... the dress is actually dark blue. the sunlight might have made it brighter

pyjamas said...

H&M & Cotton On Kids has super affordable kids clothes! A dress can range from $20+ - $60, depending on style.

Sher said...

yup i know! i wasnt looking for specific shop, though, and we just came across this one first :)
at that point, my priority was to settle it. fast! (tired already)