Monday, January 09, 2017


It was all my fault.

I didn’t know the oven toaster was so hot it would melt the clayey stuff which is supposed to be baked – under gentle heat - into erasers.

Day saw smoke rising from the oven toaster after 5 minutes, yelled and turned it off. “It’s not looking good, Mama,” he said.

I strode over and gingerly opened the toaster’s front flap. When the smoke which poured out cleared up and the toaster’s contents became visible, that was when Lu, next to me, screamed.


She clapped both hands over her mouth and started wailing, tears swiftly starting to stream down her fingers, “BB! My BB!” Her heart burned for the mini-BB which she had so lovingly crafted, complete with tiny little black dot eyes and mouth and stick-up ears and paws, all melted into a pockmarked puddle, and her blue-and-white penguin with the yellow beak.

Day, behind me, started to giggle. The brown and green pile was his dog and ball-with-eyes respectively, but he chose to see the funny. He grabbed his mobile phone and snapped a shot for his Instagram account with the caption “Too hot”. Yes, he has an Instagram account.

All I could think was, oh my goodness, the smoke stinks, is it toxic? And will I still be able to use that oven toaster for my toast and chicken nuggets and whatnot?

Over the next 30 minutes, Lu couldn’t stop sobbing. She’d wander into the kitchen, look into the oven toaster, and wail and tear up all over again. The tragedy.

Once cool, she lovingly peeled BB and Penguin off the foil and reverently placed them on her desk.

“I still love them,” she said.


Hawerchuk said...

Hi Sher Maine,

Do you know "Ziggy Mehta" who posted frequently on your blog?

Or is it just some random person who stumbled upon it?

Sher said...

hi i can't quite recall but it could have been random.