Thursday, January 05, 2017

new stuff

Jo starts the year with new stuff.

She was absolutely delighted when I brought her out to buy stationary, instead of making her rustle up bits and pieces from around the house.

In a way, she had earned it; part of her stash was funded using book vouchers which the school gave to her last year, and I think it’s the first time we’re making a concerted effort to buy new stuff for school since she started Primary 1.

So what does she get?

The girls drag me to a shop called Smiggle. Oh of course I’ve heard of it. But I didn’t quite know how huge and hot it was, amongst their generation, until I saw them in the shop and they started rhapsodizing, eyes gleaming, about how this friend has this pencil case, and that friend has that pen with the invisible ink etc etc.

Seems everyone, including some boys, have Smiggle stuff which is a travesty considering how expensive it all is. (now I sound like a grumpy senior citizen)

Jo goes for a gigantic pencil box, half the size of an A4 sheet, and which is about an inch thick. I wonder: Isn’t smaller better? So it doesn’t take up so much space in the bag?

* The stationery briefcase

Never mind. What do old folks know?

She is also thrilled to have caps on every one of her colour pencils. I tell her I’ve never met anyone who caps their colour pencils. And the caps are matching, mind you.



Anonymous said...

OMG! I've been in this shop, and thought that everything was so loud and colourful! I didn't it was so popular with the kids.

Jo Tan

Sher said...

ya it is. i din know either. we're dinosaurs!