Wednesday, January 25, 2017

visual arts club

Lu’s clarity of purpose continues to shine bright.

She’s started with the school’s Art Club – formally known as the Visual Arts CCA – and she thoroughly enjoys her two-hour Monday afternoon sessions.

They’ve drawn butterflies, made a clay butterfly, and did some volunteer duties during recess helping other pupils with recess arts and crafts.

I am hoping the activities will be sufficiently invigorating for her to build up a portfolio worthy of SOTA, which is still her dream school, I still have no idea why, although I've been gently suggesting that she could opt for Art Elective programmes in normal secondary schools.

My reluctance to send her for external classes is because it is costly, time-consuming, I’m not sure if she’d be made to copy things wholesale, and because PK is a damn good working artist who started off by drawing Chinese opera faces on her own without attending a single class ie art is one of those things which could possibly be self-taught, for the better.

Lu is still happily generating her own art pieces and directing her own learning. While I’ve bought her a box of pencils and she’s been trying to learn about shading via Youtube videos, and copy manga, she’s a bit frustrated at her lack of painting skills.

* With her precious box of 12 Lyra pencils, from 4H to 6B

* Her copied manga

* A stationery holder which she suddenly produced one afternoon with ice-cream sticks and UHU glue, humming her way through, when she didn't have homework

I’ve taken to “storing” her pieces online here so even if things get lost she’d have a record. “Maybe this could be your portfolio if you want to apply to SOTA,” I told her.

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