Monday, February 06, 2017


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To this.


For him, braces have always been a consideration. The boy has been chomping at the bit for braces, particularly since last year, I think he dislikes the way his teeth look. But the dentist advised him to fix it after his PSLE.

Good thing, because it hurts. (The pain might have affected his results AHAHAHAHA)

Simply put, the wire is progressively tightened over months, years, until his teeth give up and stay put in nice new positions. Eating was a pain in week 1, biting down was agony, and I thought he looked even more sylph-like than usual due to weight loss.

* Higgledy-piggledy teeth and a tiny moustache!

Is it really necessary?

I guess, not really. I actually have no issues with his teeth and it defines his cutesy smile. But he does, KK too. KK, who has no dental alignment issues apart from a gap between his two front teeth, recounts wistfully: “You’re so lucky. I needed braces when I was young but Nene was too poor.”

Day's procedure costs over $4k. (so I fully understand when the dentist's wife tells me that dentistry is one of the most over-subscribed and hard-to-get-in options at the university now. Who doesn't want to be a well-paid medical professional with sane working hours and little risk of killing a patient?)

Happily, Day doesn’t have to pull out any teeth, because he’s just got a big mouth with a jut-out jaw, resulting in his teeth growing out at a 45 degree angle in some portions. Dentist says ideally he would require plastic surgery to fix his jaw.

Nah, we won’t go there. So the doctor will try to do what he can with just the braces.

In the meantime, to friends who say he looks ugly now, he says he's a caterpillar which is on its way to becoming a handsome butterfly. May he have teeth which were as straight as his original milk set.

One last look at the God-given alignment which will never exist henceforth:

* Quite cute, wat


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing where Day does his braces? My girl also need braces.
I have postponed this braces matter first until PSLE, then after the school holidays, then after school reopen, then after school camp. no more excuses to delay further.

Sher said...

er i just brought him to my dentist, who is very good but who has absolutely zero bedside manners. that is, he is very thorough in his work, he really does a good job, but he isn't a nice dentist. can scold people sometimes. u sure u want?

i have a secondary school friend who is very good at kid's braces, she specialises in it. i din bring day to her simply because my dentist is in the neighbourhood. i cld give u her contact.

Anonymous said...

wah, i cannot stand fierce dentist. your secondary school friend's contact would be much appreciated!

Sher said...

do u hv an email? i email to u. or email me at:

Marco said...

Wow, reminds me of my own days with a mouth full of metal. I remember the first time my little sister saw my braces...she asked why my teeth were so sharp. Hopefully, Day's not in too much pain. His alignment will be so much better when this is all over. Great smile either way, of course.