Monday, February 20, 2017

day's visitor

For the first time, Day’s friend comes over for a sleepover.

Day has gone over to other people’s houses to sleep, many times, but this is the first time someone has come.

This would be Day’s new bestie – I say new because I think Day is someone who is close to whoever happens to be near him at that moment in time. 

K was Day’s soccer buddy. While they used to walk home after school together, they weren’t particularly close.

This year, they’ve ended up in the same class - two boys with a shared primary school history amongst a bunch of strangers - and because K stays a stone’s throw away both take the same bus to school. They see each other first thing in the morning, through school, every day. I noticed that Day keeps patting K's hair, because its springy.

The sleepover outing: The boys came home after school, headed out to rock-climbing together (they took a bus), came back home, K decided to stay over as they were busy shooting people onscreen (I managed to find a new toothbrush for him and laid a mat for him on the ground), Day cooked pancakes for breakfast the next morning, they made their way to K’s house, then they went cycling at the beach.

* Day and K. Cooking pancakes was the most hospitable thing Day did, because not once did he offer his friend water or food or even a chair. So teaching him to be hospitable is something I realize we have to work on now..

It’s all terribly exciting for the rest of us. Lu peers at K sleeping in the morning like he’s some exotic animal: “There’s a strange BOY sleeping in our house!”

And in a household where we are very liberal when it comes to privacy, we really had to watch our behavior. Like change our clothes behind a locked door.

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