Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Day’s new favourite subject: FCE.

That’s Food and Consumer Education, or what used to be known as Home Economics.


(he finds all the new academic subjects like Geography, History and Literature a pain, a pain which was made more acute when he got his results from his first series of tests)

Unlike back in the day when girls did Home Ec and boys did Technical, boys and girls now do both. Day will rotate to doing Design and Technology in the second half of the year.

Clad in his school kit of blue apron and hair net ("we take hygiene very seriously in school, Mama, unlike you, you don't even wear a hair net"), he gets to work with one partner and cook in the school kitchen every few weeks.

The dishes – so far it’s been chicken macaroni soup, chicken kebab, mee goreng, rock buns with raisins – are eaten up at recess and after school. He quite enjoys his own cooking, more so than I did back in secondary school when I shrank from any fire and getting my hands “dirty” and so produced inedible crap.

I tried to start him early (did the same for the girls but those two seem to have no interest) and he has been getting better at this cooking gig, at home too, where I think he feels cooking is one area which he does better than his sisters in, and through which he can see he is making a huge difference when we lap up his food.



I am effusive in my appreciation on the occasion when my head throbs and I desperately need a nap, or when I have to struggle to cook in a rush in-between ferrying this or that child, or on weekends when I really don’t want to cook, and he completely takes over the kitchen. He chops, slices and dices, and cooks, but doesn't wash up.

His repertoire isn’t large and is largely confined to stir-frying, which he can do because he is completely unafraid of oil splatters and fire. His food also tends to be tastier than mine. He is very liberal with his use of salt and sauces, in particular, because he hates how I make everything so bland.

* Fried kway teow following a recipe which he got online from (of all people) Gordon Ramsay

* Pancakes. He added baking soda to the flour/egg/milk batter so its more thick and fluffy like Mac's hotcakes rather than my prata ones

* Same technique as kway teow but with beehoon

* This, he cooked because it was what I planned, but which he didn't like because he doesn't like mushrooms and he thinks the salmon should have sauce

Unlike Jo, who seems to love what I cook, he also doesn’t think very much of my food; which I suppose is another motivation for him, to cook something nice which he himself would like to eat.


ZF said...

Does he wash/rinse the ingredients himself eg veg, fish? I am particular with this and is one of the many reasons I dislike cooking.

Sher said...

yes he does wash ingredients. but if he's cooking, i'll wash up.

in my mind, one person does pre-pre / cooking, the other does washing up. so sometimes when i have to do BOTH i get super pissed.

ZF said...

Wah! Your boy very pro! Your cooking days may soon be over once your boy learn more recipes!

Sher said...

dont know leh. he'll only get busier. and may lose interest!

Anonymous said...

Future dietitian like your brother! :)
-celeste, long time reader

Sher said...

i'd need moolah to send him overseas! unless the course is offered here by then..