Friday, February 10, 2017

gong gong is 80

Well as Gong Gong is exactly the same as Por Por when it comes to parties, there’s little fanfare when he turns 80.

We have him a birthday lunch at a nice restaurant, and even then Por Por tells me to keep quiet. “Don’t say it’s for his birthday,” she warns.

* Chinese timsum lunch at Lan Ting Cuisine

At least we celebrate. Every year, as far as I have noticed since I was born, his birthday passes and no one notices, so having a meal and a cake is really something special. He doesn't even really know when his birthday is because he comes from a time when births weren't properly recorded. Just that it's around this time.

* 1 candle = 10 years

He even gets birthday presents, courtesy of Choon and Phoebe: A balancing board and a raincoat.

Recently, completely forgetting that he’s 80 with a lump in his lung, he cycled out in the rain to buy groceries from the wet market and fell sick promptly after. The raincoat will help a lot.


* Birthday boy


* Lulu the photobomber with her favourite cutesy face

When it’s time for him to make his birthday wish, he’s all smiles: “I have three wishes but I’m not going to say what they are.”

* Making his wishes

Por Por, having had her wish fulfilled at Choon's birthday (he IS getting married in March, before he turns 40 in April!), shouts out, “I know, it’s for Teng to get married!” Gong Gong laughs very loudly, “How did you know?”

Teng screws up his face like he smelt something very bad. 

Unlike when Por Por made her wish for Choon, I don’t have a very good feeling for this one.

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