Thursday, February 16, 2017


The strange spike isn’t one-off.

I don’t care much for the blog stats but of late I’ve been wondering.

This was last month’s page view stats.


And in the last week, there was a sudden and extreme spike on one day. Just one. I'm sure the small ripples are my usual crowd, but who's causing the spike?


Particular posts which have been gathering views like a rolling stone continue to gather views, like the weevil post (which is really a nothing sort of post) has got over 4,000 views and its still going up.

It’s like a bunch of folk from some other part of the world are clicking on the blog once a week, on the same old posts, for God knows what purpose.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Singapore but lives in the US. I love your style of writing and your blog!!! You are pretty funny too 😉

a long time reader said...

Hey, I did a (very basic) check online to see if your blog has been linked elsewhere and the results came back negative.

The sudden unexplained spike in traffic could be due to bot activity. I'm not too sure, though. Maybe it would be helpful to get an account with Google Analytics and see what it throws up. :)

Sher said...

bots??! why wld they be active?? gosh.

Dee.. said...

what is 'bot"?? glad to see you have many fans!

Sher said...

i dont quite know leh.

internet says: "A bot is software that is designed to automate the kinds of tasks you would usually do on your own".

Anonymous said...

There are crawlers (things that trawl the internet) that can spike the no. of hits. I work in a library and sometimes our subscribed databases complain to us because the no. of accesses climb crazily (and burst our allowed no.). So maybe there's some scheduled crawler every week that accesses your blog?

Love reading your blog!