Thursday, March 16, 2017


Along with the girls, within the same week, I age a year. It does register dimly that if I don't live past 80, I'm past the mid-point. 

And perhaps now is the time for mid-life crisis if it should come. What applies to me - from a brief cursery look at online material - is that as my children are getting more and more independent, I am suddenly freed up to do all the things I could never think about earlier.

And if I compare myself to my peers, it is now that I might start to feel inadequate (because in the past it was always - No time to compare, too busy with kids...)

I do wonder these days: Can I do XX better, or achieve XX, since I seem to have more room for myself now? And is it my last chance to try XX because I'm going to be 50 soon?

But I highly doubt I will go through the mid-life crisis stages: Shock, denial, depression, anger, acceptance. Not so dramatic, lah.

The day itself, 16 March, is earmarked for the diligent completion of homework because our March holiday week is so chock-full of activity its absurd.

But at night, I sneak out for a solo late-night viewing of Beauty and the Beast which I thoroughly enjoy, sitting next to a strange man, also solo, who guffawed loudly at many parts in the movie. I don’t know why.

On my birthday, I just want to be alone. 

A few days before, however, we did a hotel stay at the same place with the cascading plants and heavenly water.

There were no other plans to do anything else on the island. I only wanted to be surrounded by nature, and its as invigorating as ever. 

* In the warm comforting embrace of the hot chlorine-free jacuzzi, friendly to eczema-prone skin, and which makes Day very sleepy

Sometimes I think it'd be nice to get a laptop and retreat there to stay for two weeks, where I can also do my work. (but then the hotel only has Wifi at very selected spots to maintain the back-to-nature, tech-free approach. That is the one thing KK hates about it)


* Feasting on over-priced coconut ice-cream which we unfortunately love. Day is stressed because he has to share, whole family shares two scoops which a $10 bill just about covers

* Strolling along the amazing path of mosaic animals leading to the Merlion

* Jo using her present, a brand-new eye mask! (she lost the Delta Airlines one)

* Jo examining a stevia leaf before putting it in her mouth (it's sweet) and Lu taking photos of Bibi, at the rooftop nursery



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