Thursday, March 02, 2017

a greater degree

Jo's degrees went up. Her eyes are now 225 on the right, 275 on the left.

Just saying. Such "improvements" are important to me.

She claimed that when she stood on the weighing scale she couldn’t quite read her weight right down by her feet. And she had been complaining for several weeks (maybe months) that she couldn’t see what was on the board in class, and had to copy off her table partner.

Of late, she had also been marveling at my ability to see far. “WHAT, OH MY GOD MUMMY YOU CAN READ THAT?? I’m so jealous!” I consoled her by showing her, again, how I am completely unable to see things right under my nose.

She is also put out, that both her siblings still have eagle eyes, and asked: Why am I different? It's so unfair.

Why did her degrees go up? I’m not sure.

I leave her completely on her own to choose a frame. She is very specific: No “nose” things which irritate her nose, and it has to be black, of a particular shape. No fluffy colours.


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