Monday, March 06, 2017

a new part of Singapore

Phoebe stays in an interesting part of Singapore and as she slowly integrates into our family, we get new insights into Geylang.

Well, not quite new in the sense that it’s not revelatory, but that we never quite interacted with the area beyond passing by and now we're occasionally hanging around.

In point form:

* I never used to like going to Geylang because trying to seek out tiny parking lots along narrow one-way streets is not fun, and I also cannot parallel park. But now we get to park at Phoebe’s apartment! It features a slick space-saving automated carparking system where cars are shifted and stacked. We all had fun with it, although Por Por said: Wah it takes so long to ‘retrieve’ the car, if I’m late for work sure die.

* Photo because I'm suaku

* Geylang is quaint and very photogenic, with people jay-walking like they own the road (OK I knew this before and that was one reason why I hated driving there).

* Day gazing at the home of a man who's taking a nap. I was arrested by the colour

* That's our posse, lower right

* Geylang has good food. We never eat there (I know, criminal). To celebrate Phoebe’s birthday, we check out JB Ah Meng, a coffeeshop-zichar-turned-restaurant which is featured in the Michelin Guide Singapore. What’s noteworthy – to me – are the pails of live crabs lining the restaurant entrance, and the people that later line up alongside the crabs in queues which start very early and accumulate alarmingly. Food? Its good, of course, but I say again that we’re not such purveyors of good food that we can tell the difference between Ah Meng and some lesser restaurant. What’s certain is that if not for the fact that we turned up for dinner before 6pm and didn’t have to queue, we won’t queue.




* What the crabs become: The signature white pepper crab. This one was chock-full of egg

* Queues as 7pm approches

* Phoebe’s apartment, in the densely built-up area, is small with a tiny lap pool. For her birthday, Choon made a fabulous not-to-sweet tiramisu which we managed to eat comfortably despite initial concerns that the place was too small to contain 10 people, while at the same time poking into all the corners of her sweet sea-themed apartment. Hey, we’re family!

2017 03 04_0001
* As Por Por puts it, we are finally cutting a cake against a different backdrop. Happy birthday, Phoebe!

2017 03 04_0006
* Why are we blowing the candles? Because the cake is also sort of meant for the March babies ie. me, Jo and Lu


* The tiramisu

* Spot the touches of the 'sea'?

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