Tuesday, March 14, 2017

jo's 11

Jo found Lu’s birthday do very lame indeed: Home-cooked food, games at home, where’s the fun?

She didn’t want to invite anyone either.

But she had grand plans requiring a tad more money than Lu’s celebration, which she outlined in Powerpoint slides so she could make a presentation to me.

1234 from SM Wong

The girl loves her Powerpoint. Aligning text, putting in pictures, cropping them to her exacting standards, and best of all, making transitions between slides. You know, the way the slide opens like a curtain on a stage or crumples up like a paper ball or folds into a paper airplane… she loves the effects. (which unfortunately can’t show up here)

So there was a slight change in order and we started off with her favourite, Japanese food. We had it at a restaurant I passed by and which I was curious about, serving Japanese buffet, the sort where you choose what you want from the menu and they cook it there and then for you, as many items as you want, for a fixed price per head.


Every time a dish came, Jo stopped us from eating and faithfully took photos with her phone – she is starting to remind me of some women I know.

* Erm.... girls... Lu is using a camera

* Jo's collage of some of her food photos

She seemed to enjoy the meal. But at the end of it, she smiled a little bit and said, “It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.”


Then it was on to Bounce, the trampoline park.


Yes it was a Saturday, and it was absolute mayhem, the photo doesn't do justice. How I long, long, long for the days when there was only one quiet little-known trampoline park in Singapore. The space was teeming with sweaty jumpers, like ants on an ant hill, with plenty of big groups, so much so that the staff had to enforce five-minute rotations. Like, you can jump here for five minutes before you have to move on to another spot. The rule – only one person can bounce on each trampoline - was a huge challenge because everywhere I turned (I jumped too) every trampoline was occupied.

There were also queues at the obstacle course.

The last in her three-part birthday do was her chocolate cake.

Four Leaves – fortuitously a humble bakery where a cake costing $28 or $30 is enough to make us very happy – has become our cake place of choice. We really like the cakes there. Nothing pretentious, nothing organic, nothing gluten-free, nothing too sweet, nothing too fancy, nothing too expensive, nothing very Instagram-worthy. Just simple, honest, tasty cakes for regular birthday celebrations which we can finish in one sitting.


Jo wanted a chocolate cake with “lots of crunchy bits inside” and there happened to be a cake there by the name of Coco Exotic which fit the bill perfectly. She loved it, lapped it all up, especially the extra-thick base of crunchy hazelnutty bits, and was most put out when I finished the last slice.




Grace said...

Happy birthday, Jo!

Anonymous said...

haha.. recycled flowers? Jun

Saroette said...

WOW! I am amazed by her PPT slides! And she's just 11!

Happy Birthday, Jo!

francesca said...

Happy birthday Jody!
Very impressive PowerPoint slides. :)

Sher said...

jun: ya... hvnt written about your wedding haha.

PPT slides: but all her friends can do it, they all learn powerpoint in school!

Anonymous said...

Her slides are very professionally done. Happg birthday jo and lu! I love 3 leaves cakes too! They have the best strawberry shortcake, mango cake, and more! And cheap!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are still not showing teeth when they smile. Lol. Happy birthday, jo and lu.!

A long time reader

Sher said...

showing teeth: it only happens when i sneak in candid shots. and sometimes i'm forced to delete them... because they are deemed not nice.