Sunday, March 12, 2017

lu's 9

Lu’s last single-digit birthday.

She dreams and plans for the day weeks in advance.

I think, she might want an outing perhaps. Or this may be the year when one of my kids finally wants to have a party with other kids apart from their siblings, something happening, something exciting, a Party PARTY!

But no.

True to form, her wants are simple, she plans and writes it all out weeks in advance.

Where? Her grandparent’s house.
Activities? Balloons and bubbles.
Food? Meringue (she’s been dreaming of meringues for a long time), chocolate Cadbury mini-eggs and fried rice.
Cake: Strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves.
Guests? David and Jody.

I ask her, repeatedly: Your guests are David and Jody only ah?

She is very certain. Even though there is plenty of “I hate Jody”s and “I hate David”s flying around all day, she maintains: I only want my family. Just like last year.

I spend half a day procuring all the ingredients for her party with her alone. She is all smiles as I hold her hand and we go around ticking off all the items on her list, from ordering her dream cake, to finding a little HDB heartland shop which sells all manner of balloons, and finally locating the elusive meringues.

(Actually she led me there, because she passed by the shop once a long time ago and she never forgot that it sold meringues. It didn't taste very nice though, wasn't fresh)

The big day, we head to Gong Gong and Por Por’s house after lunch. It's a bit odd when the trio yell - Let's go! It's Party Time! - and it honestly feels like just another day when we're going over for meals and whatnot. 

Lu had organised and packed all of her party stuff, including her siblings' swimming clothes, into plastic bags with labels, and we carted it all over with cake and Bibi.

* Lulu's stash of goodies for birthday fun

* Filling up the water balloons, which is really dreadful work because we bought the cheap super-thin type which is impossible to tie

* The kids manage... small fingers

* An hour of effort, all exploded in five minutes



* Fun with water, before water prices go up in July. Jo is making it "rain" by directing the water hose up onto the underside of the umbrella

* Break between water balloons for the cartoon, Moana. Day and Jo are feasting on longans in syrup, another of Lulu's wants

* Teng joining in the fun

* Setting up outside, in a bid to find a different spot for birthday cake cutting ceremonies

* Lulu's favourite cake in the whole wide world. It's special this time because her name is on it. Most times I buy off the rack and there's no writing, but by pre-ordering, we can write stuff. I didn't know that

* With a flower headband from Phoebe meant for flower girl duties but which is also great for birthdays

* Some of us are standing in the fountain area, which is bone dry. After a whole bunch of fish died from some air pump mechanical failure, Gong Gong never wanted to keep fish again so the fountain's useless

Lu was utterly thrilled and so, so happy. To her, the day was perfect.


francesca said...

Happy birthday Lu!

Grace said...

Happy birthday, Lulu!

Is that Big Bibi watching Moana together with your trio?

Sher said...

grace: oh ya! tt big white lump is big bb