Wednesday, March 08, 2017

writing changes

* Left, aged 9. Right, aged 12. (even the teacher tells him to 'write legibly')

Day’s writing has changed noticeably.

It used to be "very nice for a boy" but is now terribly illegible and so small it’s like ants crawling across a page, and which no person with lao hua yan would be able to make out.  

I exhort him to fatten and enlarge his writing, for the very practical reason that it constitutes bad communication, to no avail.


Lysithea said...

*sigh... my son's handwriting right now (at 12) is half the size of Day's handwriting at 12. :(

Sher said...

urgh!!!! why ah?! girls (at least jo and lu) don't have the same issue although i couldn't say what would happen to their writing when they get older. people don't write very well these days...

Anonymous said...

Ah, girls do have the same issue! My daughter's hand writing has shrunk by half too and looks terrible now. I had to bring out her writings of several years ago to show her how nice they were and she must try to write like that again. Of course, to no avail...I pity her teachers.