Sunday, April 23, 2017

13 & 46

What do you want to do on your birthday, Day?

“I want to eat crabs.”

OK so on his and KK’s birthday, we go to eat crabs.

* Day's sauce-y fingers. We got him two flavours of crab, chilli and spring onion something-or-other

It would have been nice to ORGANISE something and do something FUN, just like what we did for Jo and Lu. But by now, I think I know the boys would prefer not to. Organised activity is not their thing. It's the same every year. I had asked Day from a month or two ago what he wanted to do, go out with his friends to bowl or cycle or play laser tag, maybe? He kept mumbling and shrugging his shoulders. I get it.

If I kept in line with my “do what you want on your birthday” approach, KK would want to watch TV / sleep and Day would want to sit at his laptop playing games all day. So I let them be.

* Cake-cutting too, with Keshiro who happened to be around


What was more exciting this year were the presents which were really cheap and good.


This is the very rare occasion when I knew exactly what to get for the fussy one. Or at least, something he would definitely use.

Ever since Rody left to go home to his original owner (he was actually a hand-me-down) KK has missed his inflatable horse. He’d go (just like the way he used to ask “Shall we have a fourth child”): “Shall we get another Rody?”

He really liked it. Not to play with, of course, but it was always around him, alternating as a footrest, a seat, even a headrest when its lying on its side. I was also used to seeing Rody in its usual corner, bearing some semblance to a live pet and brightening my day as I go about vacuuming duties.

I had to get it. Little did I know how hard it would be.

Online, it cost a bomb; never mind that, even, but I had left it so last-minute (as usual) I wouldn’t have time to wait for it to ship over. Phoebe helped me to try taobao but the quality and genuine-ness of the article was suspect. In Singapore, I called every shop which had some link to Rody, all said they were no longer stocking it.

In the end, Phoebe suggested I turn to Carousell. I’m a Carousell virgin, never went on it to buy or sell anything. The first experience was fabulous. I found Rody.

* Welcome to our home!

I paid $25 and collected it off a young mum in Punggol who came down to her condo driveway with two toddlers who wanted to bid farewell to a slightly grimy Rody in her arms. After a good scrub with a Japanese melamine sponge, Rody was good as new.

It’s not yellow with blue spots like the one before, but bright red with yellow spots.

KK tried his darndest to extract the “secret” of what his gift was from the kids before I returned from Punggol. But to my delight, they held out and he never guessed. He laughed and used it straightaway.


He’s been asking me for a Xbox for ages, but he knows I’ll never give.

It’s hard buying things for the boy. Toys don’t cut it anymore, books are a hit-and-miss, functional stuff is boring.

So I decided to get him a chin-up bar.

A friend installed one, said it was a hit with his teenaged son (and himself). Day’s at the age where he’d want to strengthen up. It’d be a reminder of his gym days. The girls might have fun on it. I could use it for some arm work too.

I managed to find one which retails from some warehouse in Tampines, selling for $10, and which doesn’t require drilling.

It was perfect. Its secured against the sides of the doorway as its progressively lengthened, until it has a super-tight seal.

I also got a big thick green “rubber band” for people who need some help with a chin-up.


It’s turned out to be one of my best purchases. Everyone has fun on it. The girls have improvised all sorts of things with the rubber band, doing the unexpected. Kids who come to the house are endlessly fascinated. It creates a lot of action in the house. See video.

* It's titled "copy" because I had to blur out body parts. Good grief

* With Eva

Its reminiscent of the swinging scarves the girls used to improvise, only this one is a thousand times better because its got bounce. Only thing is that one has be very careful – to make sure the seal is really tight and that no one does any upside-down tricks - because who’s to say the bar won’t drop halfway?


Jo said...

OMG the video- so FARNIE!!! Deeply apologise for depriving KK of Rody and glad you got one for cheap! Also, if even in Japan again, look out for mini Rody keychains. Next birthday present, perhaps? :)

Sher said...

no problem la! ya glad we managed to get one :) eva's happy to see it too!