Wednesday, April 19, 2017

last days of childhood

Day turns 13 in a few days.

He’s suddenly shot up what seems to be a few centimetres in the last couple of months and his torso looks all stretched out. He's still slightly shorter than me, still wearing clothes from his pre-schooler days (because he only goes up and not sideways), but with a bigger shoe size.

He is all skinny and sleek, like a teen, but from the neck up at least, he’s still my boy. 

His voice isn’t cracking yet and his complexion is still dewy soft. He also still wants the occasional hug and kiss (in private, never in public), just like back in the toddler days which seem such a short while ago.

Did I really write this 12 years back? (today’s comments in brackets)

“He will want to be independent (YES), probably spend all his time on the computer (OMG YES), keep secrets (NOT REALLY), start horrific anonymous blogs with all sorts of swear words (NOT YET), stay out late (NOT YET), argue with his mother (NOT YET), argue with his father (NOT YET), not tell us what he is doing (YES). That is when the most repulsive thing, to him, could well be a hug and a kiss from his folks (THANK GOD NOT YET).

I want to remember him as he is now, with the last vestiges of baby and childhood still lingering in his face and voice. 

It's not that far off from this video taken three years ago, is it?


Sarah said...

I love the relationship you share with your children. This is how I want my family to be like when I grow up and have kids of my own.

Sher said...

ohhh... when you grow up?? how old are you??