Monday, April 17, 2017

meanwhile at home

I was gone 10 days last year.

It’s just six days this year and they’re older. I expected them to cheerfully wave me off and say hello when I return.

Instead, two things made a huge difference:

One, wifi in Melbourne is a tad better than in Nepal, which meant that they could contact me much more easily.

Two, Jo now has a mobile phone. Last year, she didn’t.

I ended up getting calls every night, not even voice calls, but Whatsapp video calls. These were all from Jo’s phone. The moment I picked up, she’d put on her cute expression (pursed lips, blooming nostrils, widened eyes, lowered chin) and it was clear she was absolutely thrilled to see my face and hear my voice.

I thought it was a little intense, to make video calls, but oh well. Jo seems to need me the most.

She'd Whatsapp me: “I need someone to talk to. Everytime I think of you, I feel like crying! Just so you know, we love you. ❤”

Most times, she’d call Singapore time about 8pm or so, begging me for homework help. Half the time, I’d pass my phone to Teng, the resident Maths and Science tutor. Because Melbourne is two hours ahead, I'd get sleepy, but Jo would plead with me to stay up and check her work when she was done.

Lu sometimes came into the picture, to also put on her cute expression and tell me how much she missed me. I didn’t talk to or see Day, and KK, for six days. Guys.

How did they all fare in Singapore?

As usual, it was sort of a mix-up of boot camp and party time. They had to do a lot of housework, which is so, so, so great. They just don't do it when I'm around because I don't delegate.

* KK's housework list

I laughed when Jo sent me a photo of clothes hanging on the laundry line (the kids did the laundry, KK doesn’t like laundry) accompanied by the caption: “Mummy, it's also autumn here in Singapore! There are so many leaves! And the leaves are brown, yellow, etc..”

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-09 at 14.03.37
* Jo's picture, after which both KK and I sternly told the kids they are not to hang out the poles (even though I do) because its dangerous. They are to use hangers on the indoor poles

But they also got to eat out a lot.

And once again, I came back to discover a new acquisition. Last year, it was a mobile phone for Jo.

This year, it was…..

A vacuum cleaner! I suppose KK found it very tiresome to sweep the floor or use the heavy Delphine which needs to be filled with water.


At first, I was horrified. But now I'm a convert. I like it. It’s a dinky light-weight gadget which sits in a wall-mounted charger and works like a gun with a trigger.



ZF said...

Gun with a trigger?! Lol. My husband is in charge of vacuuming. Think will let him see if he wants to upgrade his cleaning tools a not.

Sher said...

its really quite fun leh.