Sunday, April 09, 2017

melbourne: mission

Mission? Take photos for Choon and Phoebe’s wedding album and enjoy a little holiday


When? 8-13 April 2017


Choon: The groom, the driver, the Singapore-Australia liaison who made all the arrangements and found all the relevant vendors.

* Choon chatting with the Melbourne-based make-up artist whose services he found online

Phoebe: The bride! (who doesn’t have to do anything but look great)


Teng: The bag-watcher, the photographer’s minion, the buyer of hot drinks during shoots, the navigator.

* Teng helping the photographer to hold his gear

Me: The bride’s assistant (), pinner of veils, lifter of trains (for floaty train effects)

2017 04 09_1938

Altogether now:

2017 04 10_1928
* Phoebe, me, Choon, Teng


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