Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the one who reads

Amongst the three, the one who started reading the earliest at age 3 is the one who reads the least today. His lovely reading habit gradually withered away, killed by the screens.

The one who started reading the latest at age 5, and I distinctly remember one concerned friend asking – She STILL can’t read? – is the one who reads the most. She, we have wisely decided, will preferably never have a screen of her own.

Lu is the one who heads to the school library every recess and asks me to bring her to the public library.

Her current obsession is the Mr Midnight series, and because it’s so un-putdown-able, she borrows 10 at a shot.


Day and Jo aren’t reading. They’re busy on their phones.

What I've also learnt, is that whatever I did in the past, I don't get the outcome I expect. 

In many ways, kids just grow and develop the way they're meant to, despite parental intervention.

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