Monday, May 29, 2017

bling bling

Jo has developed a definite fashion sense and it doesn’t gel with what I would buy for her if I were out on my own.

What would I buy?

Simple stuff, I suppose.

Comfortable, cool, understated, and if I had some money to spend, something possibly classic.

One of the priciest things I ever got for her for a Marks and Spencer dress which she seemed OK with when she tried it out, but has never worn.


Well above her knees by now, she declared, “This makes my waist look so small, Mama. It makes me look like a doll, the waist is so awkward. I don’t want to look like a doll.”


The other day, as we were out looking for a cap (she had outgrown her last one), she laid eyes on a demin cap with bling and to my massive surprise, she fell in love with it.


KK was equally put out. Pointing to a replica without the bling, he suggested, “Jo why don’t you get this one?”

Nope. She wanted the bling. Thankfully, she didn’t want the ones which screamed LOVE or SEXY and picked a fairly innocent snowflake. It goes with the shirts and shorts she prefers these days.


The dress, meanwhile, will be worn by someone else.


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