Sunday, May 07, 2017

dissolved shell

Lu’s many attempts at doing strange things often fail.

Mainly because it requires some too-weird ingredient and she improvises, or I didn’t help. Like the time she tried to make drawings with salt she dyed. Or when she follows Youtube instructions and its far too complex.

The other day she finally scored. Really, its finally, because she's had so many fails.

She saw on Youtube that immersing an egg in vinegar would melt off the shell, leaving a bouncy rubbery ball.

The egg smelled really bad and sour (to me anyway, because I hate vinegar and the egg had absorbed it) but it worked! 

* Remnants of shell clinging on

The egg bounced, once, twice, and then the thin membrane split and the runny egg thudded into the sink, but she was delighted!

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Anonymous said...

She seem likely to enjoy science experiments later on since she loves exploring and doing stuff like that. - min