Wednesday, May 31, 2017

fairy’s letter

Lu is still a fervent believer in the tooth fairy.

In a family of non-believers (except me), she stands firmly alone.

The only time her faith was somewhat shaken was when the tooth fairy wrote back to her.

See, she put her tooth in a little bag and attached a note, asking not for money, but for a written message in return.


What would the tooth fairy do?

Well the fairy wrote back.


Lu frowned: But Mama, this looks exactly like your handwriting. Did you write this?

At the same time, Day and Jo – everyone was at the breakfast table – couldn’t roll their eyes any further up their heads. (Yes, Jo has fallen) 

Lu was very very suspicious.

But the end of the day, she still believes in the tooth fairy. Although I think she’s determined to try and prove it when the next tooth falls by… not telling me.

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ZF said...

Ha ha ha. Cat out of bag..