Saturday, May 13, 2017

penmanship opportunity

Choon and Phoebe’s wedding cards - for the formal hotel wedding event in July - are breathtakingly heavy and classy.

I was entranced by the four triangular “gates” of impossibly intricate cut-out motifs which fold over the ivory invitation.


I love writing nice fonts, and the moment I saw those cards I was dying to write on them.

I mean, what opportunity is there to display penmanship these days? Who cares about handwriting?

We used to practice cursive writing in school, but the kids these days don’t even do that. I’ve had to teach the trio how to write in cursive and mind you it doesn’t come naturally. And my "training" is so sporadic they're hardly proficient.

My mum, who has the neatest handwriting, also jumps at the chance and writes on the cards meant for the elders.

I do Choon and Phoebe’s guests.

I ventured to Art Friend and gleefully purchased a calligraphy pen with three different-sized nibs for about $20.


The time outs I took to write those cards, in between doing the laundry and working on articles, were truly pleasurable. It’s so therapeutic.


Jo and Lu, taking turns to slot the invites into the “gates” and then the entire piece into the envelopes, completed the card conveyer belt.


I think I wrote perfectly well but in response to my offer to write her wedding invites, Jo declared – “No Mama I’ll get a professional. You made some mistakes.”

(chiefly being that the words on the envelopes were occasionally off-centre)

And now that I’m done writing, the girls can use the pen for… homework charts.

* Lu's chart

* My practice sheet


Anonymous said...

Both Wongs!

Sher said...

goodness, so sharp!