Monday, May 01, 2017

tainan: purpose

Another solo trip. I’m a naughty mummy!

This time, there’s a more credible purpose. re: mix was invited to perform in the Tainan Arts Festival in Taiwan. (I think the last time we went overseas was to Hong Kong)

There’s so much “waaaah” behind that sentence, but what actually happened was just serendipity and luck and sheer hard work.

One of our group cellists, Jiamin, a Taiwanese lady with sparkling energy, happened to be a very well-connected and respected cello teacher back in Taiwan before she came to Singapore with her husband.

She floated the idea of our group performing for the arts fest, the answer – against her expectations – was yes.

She made it happen, from successfully getting a family friend to sponsor part of the cost, flying back and forth between Singapore and Taiwan to sell tickets, marshalling the staff of the music management company she ran in Taiwan to design and publicise and organize and God knows what else we don’t know.

* (top) Jiamin, with the violinist who doubled up as organizer on the Singapore side, Bing Ling

Aside from how we were treated like Kings and Queens by the incredibly hospitable Taiwanese, It’s the most well-organized concert we’ve ever done in our 11-year history.

We’ve never had so many, and such beautifully designed collaterals: Logo, stickers, concert programme, a tote bag. We even had escorts, for God’s sake, like we were some sort of celebrity pop group.

* The five youthful "escorts" from our "management" team presenting one of us (seated) with the tote bags and complimentary, er, perfumes, during a stupendous buffet dinner where the dessert section alone looked like an entire pastry shop

(all thanks to Jiamin. I still don't know where all the funding came from but I am so eternally grateful)

* Happy, shiny, classy things!

* We love our tote bag 

* A close-up of the brilliant logo for good measure

KK and the kids only found out a week before I  was going, that I was going. It took me that long to confess, as it came a fortnight after Melbourne.

Good thing nobody really flinched. It was a matter of "Ha? Again?" and life went on.

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