Friday, May 05, 2017

terrarium gift

I suddenly decided that I wanted to thank a few people who slogged their butts off to make the Tainan trip possible for us.

I thought I’d make them mosaic pictures, or terrariums. (See, all these crafty classes can be put to good use!)

I imagined a tree (the cactus lah), a bench, a streetlight, a pond and a character. I just went down to the shop to buy what I needed to make at home.

It was dead easy. Except for the characters.

See, I wanted each terrarium to be customized with a character resembling the person I was giving it to. In my head, I figured I would fashion it with the girls’ coloured eraser clay – like making Playdoh, simple right? – bake it so it’d harden, apply a coat of laquer, fix a pin on the base and stick it into the soil.

I didn’t think that with lao hua yan it’d be hell trying to make the tiny little people.

I employed Lu’s help. Showed her the pictures of my friends, she did a great job following the hairstyles and their attires. I busted my eyes out making the instruments and drawing the lines, but gave up at the bows. How to make stick-like bows?

Then I sprayed the coat of laquer. It wouldn’t set, not after days. Instead it left a sticky veneer so it felt like a licked lollipop.

* They're about 3cm tall. My eyes!

I sprayed over and over, to no avail. It stayed stubbornly sticky. I couldn’t use the sticky people. It’d be icky to touch and would collect dust. I had to junk them. Lu was broken-hearted. I was completely pissed for not testing first.

I made another set, this time without Lu’s help because she was most put out. I busted my eyes out again.

And because I had run out of brown for the instruments, I had to use orange and because I used orange, I couldn’t use it for the skin and had to resort to yellow.

The girls thought the characters looked horrible. Like they had jaundice.

Well it’s the thought that counts.



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Anonymous said...

Love it! Imagination and creativity!

Jo Tan